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Gino's Italian Family Adventure | Preview (ITV)

Gino D’Acampo is back in his beloved Italy for this brand new seven-part series, but this time he is joined by his wife Jess and their three children, as he takes his family to explore the hidden gems of Sardinia and the very best of Southern Italy.

Gino wants his British born and bred bambinos to discover their Italian roots and where his passion for food began.

He takes them on a journey from the Mediterranean island of Sardinia to his crazy hometown, Naples and from the stunning Cilento coast to rustic Calabria and sun-soaked Puglia. Along the way immersing them in the Italian way of life and cooking up some of his favourite family recipes.

This is a tour of all that Gino loves most dearly about Southern Italy - its food, culture and stunning locations. Gino’s children visit Sardinia every summer on holiday, but the family rarely ventures further and Gino is determined to plunge them into the real Italy and embrace their heritage, as he leads them on a series of surprising trips that bring them closer to each other and to the wonderful food he loves.

Gino's Italian Family Adventure begins Monday 8th November at 8pm on ITV.


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