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Ghosts: Christmas Special | Preview (BBC One)

It’s Christmas at Button House and Mike and Alison are heading to Mike’s parents to celebrate with family.

As Mike piles up the Tupperware with what he insists are only side dishes (despite one clearly being an entire turkey), Kitty expresses her disappointment at not spending Christmas day with Alison.

Alison promises that they’ll be back by the evening and what's more, reveals to the ghosts that there is a Christmas surprise for each of them in the Library. She gives them strict instructions not to ‘open’ their gifts until Christmas day, which leaves Julian struggling with temptation.

The ghosts are touched by Alison’s thoughtful generosity and are inspired to give her a special Christmas present to remember – but with Alison due back in a matter of hours, can they pull off their ambitious idea in time?

Mike’s loaded Tupperware comes in handy when their journey hits a bump in the road, forcing them to reassess their Christmas day plans. Kitty gets her moment in the spotlight and a much-needed pep talk from a surprising source.

Ghosts airs Christmas Day on BBC One.


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