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Gemma And Gorka: Life Behind The Lens | Preview (W)

Gemma Atkinson (actress, model, DJ and influencer) and Gorka Márquez (world class professional dancer and Strictly favourite) provide an access all areas look at their life together, as they await the arrival of their second child.

Celebrity couple Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez feel in love in front of the nation when Gemma took part in Strictly, in 2017. Now they share the story of how it happened - off camera - and Gorka’s unique chat up style!

With baby number two due soon the family discuss baby names. Three-year-old daughter Mia has her heart set on Barbie for her new brother. While Gorka is away with work, Gemma calls on back-up from her mum, Sandra, for her 21-week scan to find out if a natural birth will be possible this time.

Gemma and Gorkasaid: “We’re so excited to be working with W on a project which not only takes people into our lives behind closed doors but also one that raises awareness of Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Delivery (VBAC) and an honest look into the journey of a second pregnancy after a previous traumatic birth...

"We get lots of questions from people who have experienced similar so it will be a great way for viewers to receive information from professionals who we meet along the way.”

Lizi Wootton, executive producer for Two Rivers Media added: “Two Rivers Media is delighted to be going behind the scenes of Gemma and Gorka’s lives at such an incredibly special time for their family. With the impending birth of their second child, we can’t wait to share their unfiltered story with the W audience who will be captivated by the warmth, humour, honesty and sparkle Gemma, Gorka and daughter Mia bring to every scene of the series.”

Gemma And Gorka: Life Behind The Lens begins Wednesday 30th August at 8pm on W.


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