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Kate Garraway: Derek's Story | Preview (ITV1)

Following the sad loss of Derek Draper in January this year, ITV will show Kate Garraway: Derek's Story, which documents the final year of his life.  This film follows the two previous award-winning films also made by Flicker Productions: Finding Derek and Caring for Derek.

With close access to Derek and his wife, Kate Garraway, the film provides an insight into his personal struggles with illness and highlights the challenges faced by millions of people in the UK living with serious illness and disability and those who care for them. 


Joining Derek and Kate in May 2023, the film confronts head on the reality of Derek’s struggles and gives an unflinching view of the effect on all those around while also capturing real moments of love and joy as they spend time together as a family. 


With around five million unpaid carers in England and Wales, the film also highlights the often prohibitive costs as well as practical difficulties, of caring for people within their homes and features contributions from Jake, the care worker who supports Derek’s care, as well as Kathryn Smith, CEO from charity Social Care Institute for Excellence.


Derek's Story also reflects on Derek’s life before Covid, including his high-profile political career, as well his relationship with Kate, their early years together and how Derek’s illness changed the nature of their dynamic while they maintained their close bond. 


When asked why he wanted to take part in this film, Derek said: "I want to be heard."


Kate said: “Obviously when we started making this documentary early last year, we had no idea the events that would unfold that ultimately took Derek from us. And in January 2024, I wondered if it was right that it should ever come to air.  But I didn’t want to let those who have given us so much support over the last four years down, and the carers paid and unpaid who in their thousands of letters to me, feel Derek’s story has given them a voice. Also, I remembered so vividly that the idea of making this third documentary at all came from Derek himself.”  


Kate added: “I am delighted that the film is a tribute to Derek, his incredible spirit and a tribute to all of those who fight on to make every second of life count, whatever is thrown at them.” 


The film was commissioned for ITV by Jo Clinton-Davis, Controller of Factual and Sue Murphy, Head of Factual Entertainment.


Jo Clinton-Davis said: “We can see in Derek Draper’s story, the individual tragedy of a life devastated by illness, but also the wider perspective of how a family is impacted. Derek’s desire for his story to be filmed, along with Kate in their home, provides an insight into both their personal struggles as well highlighting the exhausting challenges of caring for a family member in the home within our care system.”


Colleen Flynn, Executive Producer at Flicker Productions, said: “We thank Kate and Derek for sharing their story at the most intimate of times and hope that this film goes some way to highlighting the need for the positive change they both hoped for within the care system.”

The film airs Tuesday 26th March on ITV1.


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