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The Gadget Show: Shop Smart, Save Money | Preview (Channel 5)

Your weekly gadget fix is back – and we’ve got another band of families in need of tech assistance. Step up Ortis Deley are Georgie Barrat, who will be helping them test the latest tech at Gadget HQ, our high-spec hub that has all the spaces to put the kit through its paces.

Jon Bentley will also be lending his expertise each week, partnering with a variety of experts from around the nation, all with the aim of finding the best value gadget on offer – pitting premium kit against a budget rival.

And Harry Wallop returns to give us tips on how we can all save money during the current cost of living crisis alongside sustainability-expert Bianca Foley who’s been scrutinising so-called green tech to see how it performs.

In this episode, Ortis and Georgie help our family find out if you need to shell out for a top performing toaster to help make busy breakfasts, a breeze while road testing an innovative iron which claims to de-crease your clothes without being tied to the ironing board for hours on end.

Elsewhere, Jon’s answering a very important question – is the iPhone 14 worth the investment? And in a new strand we ask the Great British public if they think a massaging device which costs less than a tenner is a bargain.

The Gadget Show returns Wednesday 01st March at 7pm on Channel 5.


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