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Ben Fogle And The Buried City | Preview (Channel 5)

On the tiny Caribbean Island of Montserrat, Ben Fogle discovers how the Earth’s most powerful natural phenomenon gradually devasted large areas of the island when a long-dormant volcano awoke in the 1990s.

Within two years, most of the population had fled their homes more than once, either becoming refugees in the northern part of their island, or leaving Montserrat entirely. Ben investigates what it was like living in the shadow of a violently explosive volcano as he uncovers unique stories of great heroism and loss.

Today, two thirds of the island is a natural disaster exclusion zone. With his local guide. Ben explores the abandoned capital of Plymouth, now an ash-covered, ghost town that provides a glimpse into the thriving capital it once was. But the landmarks of the cities past, are now gradually being overcome by ash or reclaimed by nature, soon to disappear forever.

He meets the people who remained and refused to be driven from their beloved island, rebuilding and creating new lives in the north of the island, as well as one man who has returned to live in the shadow of the volcano and carve out an existence within the forbidden exclusion zone.

Decades later, some people are returning to the island and entire villages have been built in the north of the island, yet the rebuilding continues.

Ben Fogle And The Buried City airs Tuesday 23rd May at 9pm on Channel 5.

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