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Five Star Christmas: Inside Corinthia | Preview (Channel 4)

This sumptuous Christmas 2022 special gains exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to one of the UK's most exclusive hotels, Corinthia London, following its team as they prepare for the busiest and most lucrative season in their calendar.

In the fiercely competitive world of five-star hotels, the pressure is on to ensure guests are given the very best Christmas experience possible. A memorable meal is at the heart of many guests' experience at the hotel, and restaurateur Tom Kerridge is on the hunt for the very best ingredients for Kerridge's Bar & Grill.

The two-Michelin-star chef is launching a spectacular new Christmas menu, based around carefully sourcing the best British beef, as well as the trimmings that go with it. But with a high-profile launch, packed with expectant VIP guests who can make or break the success of his menu, his team must be at the top of their game on opening night.

Corinthia London attracts guests who want - and can afford - a unique celebration. This Christmas 2022, the team work closely with the girlfriend of one VIP to arrange for a gospel choir to perform a surprise serenade for her partner during their stay.

Meanwhile, the hotel has also been chosen by a global luxury brand to provide its staff with a Christmas party to remember, and the team must come up with something special to deliver the wow factor the brand is expecting.

As the hotel is decorated overnight, transforming the building into a winter wonderland for its guests, the team struggle to get everything ready for an early-morning inspection by managing director Thomas Kochs, whose exacting standards know no limits.

To ensure guests are comfortable and warm in the hotel's Winter Garden, Thomas wants bespoke woollen blankets brought from Scotland. But it's a late order, and it's touch and go as to whether they'll arrive in time, or risk leaving the VIP guests out in the cold.

Five Star Christmas airs Monday 19th December at 8pm on Channel 4.


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