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First Dates At Christmas | Preview (Channel 4)

This Christmas at the First Dates restaurant, festive hopefuls seek the greatest gift of all - love. Searching for the perfect gem is 23-year-old jeweller Phoebe, who hopes to make her own love life sparkle this December.

Phoebe's date is 23-year-old portrait artist Charlie, for whom marriage is firmly in the frame, having previously 'proposed' to five girls. Thirty-four-year-old vicar Eve hopes her prayers will be answered this Christmas.

Eve's date is Steve, a 42-year-old parish worker and self-confessed 'geek', who is ready to embrace the (holy) spirit of Christmas. But will Steve's dad jokes feel like purgatory to Eve?

Whitney is a self-proclaimed 'Queen of Christmas', who so far has struggled to find her fairy-tale ending. Her date is 32-year-old Reddy, a part time DJ. The pair soon hit it off with their shared love of Arsenal, and even form a beatboxing and rapping duo.

And 19-year-old make-up student Rossi is yet to find a boy who understands him but hopes he can find someone to snuggle up and watch festive flicks with. His date is 18-year-old Welsh law student Taylor, who is hoping to beat his longest relationship of three hours.

First Dates At Christmas airs Tuesday 27th December on Channel 4.


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