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Finders Keepers | Preview (Channel 5)

New drama starring Neil Morrissey, James Buckley and Fay Ripley. When detectorists Martin and Ashley unearth a hoard of Saxon treasure, one wrong decision sends them spiralling on a treacherous path of deceit and suspicion of murder.

Caught between local bad lad Rocky and the tenacious DS Doyle from the Greater London Police, the pressure builds.

Pushed to breaking point and forced to experience the dark side of human nature - and fuelled by money and the need to protect his family - Martin’s attempts to navigate out of the mess have devastating consequences for himself and his loved ones, threatening to destroy their previously idyllic life forever.

Self-confessed local history nut Martin Stone is an unassuming family man. Husband to Anne, and father to Laura and Josh, he runs a small precision engineering firm in the heart of rural Somerset.

With Josh disabled and needing full time residential care, not to mention Laura’s impending wedding to Ashley putting further strain on the family finances, Martin and Anne work hard to get by.

So when Martin and Ashley embark on a metal detecting trip in the idyllic fields of a nearby farm in an effort to improve their fractious relationship, and stumble on a hoard of buried Saxon treasure worth millions, they are faced with a dilemma.

Should they declare it, as they are legally required to do, or enlist the help of Rocky, Ashley’s ex-con friend, to sell it privately. Is this the opportunity Martin has been dreaming of to establish himself as a true historian and custodian of the past, or after a lifetime of working hard for little reward? Has fate finally dealt him a winning card to get one over the world?

Wheeler dealer Ashley is very keen they keep the spoils for themselves, but straight arrow Martin is going to take some persuading.

Without so much as a speed awareness course to his name, straying anywhere near the wrong side of the law is dramatically out of Martin’s comfort zone.

However, with his business partner going missing with a large proportion of the company accounts adding to his growing financial pressures, can Martin uphold his morality or will events lead him down a dark path?

Finders Keepers begins Wednesday 17th January on Channel 5.


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