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Fboy Island | Preview (BBC Three)

BBC Three has acquired a brand new 10 x 45 hit US reality dating competition from Warner Bros International Television production where three single women are tasked with sorting out the good boys from the bad.

Hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, FBoy Island follows the adventures of Sarah, Nakia and CJ - three women all looking to get into a serious relationship with men who really care about them.

The good news is they have 24 guys to choose from, the bad news is only half of them are interested in forming a relationship, while the other half are self-confessed bad boys only there to win a cash prize.

Comical, irreverent, warm and with hugely surprising twists and turns throughout, this new dating show is all about how much you can really judge a book by its cover. Can you tell if these hot dates are being genuine or only saying what they think the singletons want to hear?

The women are in the driving seat and will use all their sleuthing skills to try and weed out the good guys with their best intentions at heart, from the bad guys who just want to win the money.

In each show, CJ, Nakia and Sarah choose who they will go on dates with and who they will boot off the show. At the end of the episode will be the big reveal to find out whether the eliminated men were there for cash or for a real relationship.

Anyone who reveals themselves as a bad boy lothario gets sent to ‘Limbro’ to take part in group therapy to remedy their ways, whilst those revealed as nice guys are rewarded with a stay in ‘Nice Guy Grotto’.

In the grand finale, the three women will then choose their final hopes for love with the big closing reveal. Are the three dates left here to find love... or money.

Fiona Campbell, Controller BBC Three says: “This series completely flips the dating show concept on its head which makes it fun and captivating viewing. It has a lot of humour and heart and although it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it does leaves enough room for real romance. It’s already been received really well in the US and we think it will be a great addition to our original commissions on BBC Three.”

Fboy Island begins Wednesday 20th April on BBC Three.


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