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The Fast And The Farmerish | Preview (BBC Three)

In this English heat, the all-female Diva Drivers from Leicestershire are determined to outmanoeuvre Somerset’s Checkshirt Choppers and win a place in the semi-final.

Farmer and YouTuber Tom Pemberton hosts as the teams go head-to-head in three high-octane agricultural challenges.

From tractor racing through a muddy bog to negotiating an obstacle course while singing their favourite karaoke tracks and demolishing sheds in a radical ten-pin tractor bowling game, this is not your average day on the farm!

When the diesel smoke clears, one team will take to the podium to celebrate as the losers take to their tractor cabs and the drive of shame home.

The Fast And The Farmer-ish begins Wednesday 9th February at 9pm on BBC Three.


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