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Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History | Preview (BBC One)

Stephen Fry embarks on a fascinating journey to discover the stories behind some of the world’s most fantastic beasts.

Mythical creatures have fascinated us for thousands of years, but why are we still captivated by these mythological beasts, even in this modern age of science and technology?

With the help of scientists, historians, writers and film-makers, Stephen finds out why the world of magical animals is more popular today than ever before.

By digging for dragons, meeting distant relatives of the unicorn or swimming with an unlikely inspiration for mermaids, Stephen uncovers the secrets behind some of our best-loved mythical creatures, and reveals the real-life beasts that have inspired some of the greatest legends in history, from rhinos to narwhals, vervet monkeys to manatees.

These are the stories of the world’s most fantastic beasts. Airs Sunday 27th February at 7pm on BBC One.

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