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Fake Or Fortune | Series 11 Preview (BBC One)

Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould return to solve more mysteries from the artworld in the 11th series of Fake or Fortune.

In episode one, Fiona and Philip head to the Essex countryside on the trail of one of the 20th century’s greatest artists, Dame Elisabeth Frink.

Owner Amanda Kirke discovered an intriguing sculpture at her local car-boot sale and her initial search on the internet, brought up a similar looking figure produced by Elisabeth Frink in an edition of 10 in 1956.

Using scientific analysis and the latest laser scanning technology, together with the expert opinion of a friend and fellow sculptor of Frink’s, will Philip and Fiona’s evidence be enough to convince the authentication committee that Amanda’s figure is genuine?

There is a lot at stake; if this is a genuine Frink it could be worth up to £60,000. But if it’s not, then it’s scrap metal value is a mere £10! The stakes have never been so high for the team.

Fake Or Fortune returns Tuesday 26th September at 8pm on BBC One.


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