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Exterior Night | Preview (Channel 4)

Based on true events, this gripping series explores the kidnapping and murder of former Italian prime minister Aldo Moro. It begins in 1978 when Italy was torn apart by acts of sabotage, bank robberies, shootouts, murders, and bomb attacks led by far-left guerrilla group the Red Brigades.

Amid the discontent and mayhem, Moro led the nation’s popular conservative party, the Christian Democrats, into a radical, unprecedented alliance with the Italian Communist Party.

But his ‘Historic Compromise’ only served to deepen divisions between rival left and right-wing factions. On the day of the swearing-in ceremony, Moro was kidnapped by Red Brigade extremists en route to parliament in a deadly ambush. His imprisonment lasted 55 days.

Each episode views the case from a different angle, resulting in a mesmerizing, multifaceted drama about irreconcilable ideals, acts of terror, moral duty, political expediency, family anguish – and bitter betrayal, culminating in a shocking climax.

Exterior Night begins Sunday 20th August on Channel 4.


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