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Evicted | Preview (BBC Three)

With over a thousand eviction notices issued every week, a new BBC Three series follows eight young people living and working across England as they try to come to terms with being evicted from their homes.

Soaring mortgage rates have left some landlords having to pass on those increases to their tenants, right in the middle of a cost of living crisis. Many renters simply cannot afford those increases and tenants are being issued eviction notices with eight weeks’ notice to move out. But with more renters than properties, and many finding the rates unaffordable, options are limited.

In Bristol, sales and marketing manager Thai receives a letter telling her that the rent for her bedsit will increase by two thirds - that’s more than half of her salary going to rent. With no family in Bristol, it’s not just her flat she will lose if she doesn’t agree to the increase, it’s the life she has built in the city.

Meanwhile personal trainer Dawn receives an eviction notice. The mother-of-two has a newborn baby and has lived there for five years, but the council advises her to wait to be evicted by bailiffs as that would help entitle her to receive emergency council housing.

Elsewhere, Tobias lives in a converted warehouse with nine other renters, but with the threat of an eviction affecting his mental health, he is refusing to leave and has stopped paying rent. In Manchester, the clock is ticking for Ben and his girlfriend, who need to find a new place to live after receiving a no-fault eviction notice along with most other tenants in his high rise block.

Evicted begins Thursday 27th April at 9pm on BBC Three.


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