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Everyone Else Burns | Preview (Channel 4)

Brand new sitcom starring Simon Bird as the head of a strictly religious family from Manchester who believe the world will end within the next decade.

For the Lewises, faith is everything. Dad David (Bird) and Mum Fiona (Kate O'Flynn) have brought up their children with God at the forefront of their minds, and regularly drag the kids out of bed at all hours of the morning for 'apocalypse practice'.

For young Aaron (Harry Connor) - a model believer who's eagerly awaiting the rapture - it's a welcome routine. But anxious 17-year-old Rachel (Amy James-Kelly) is less fond.

As another week without the paradise of doomsday passes by, David focuses his attentions on an as yet unfilled role as an elder within the church. Unfortunately for him, his hip neighbour and fellow churchgoer Andrew (Kadiff Kirwan) also has his eyes on the job.

Meanwhile, while she's out preaching the word of God around Manchester, Rachel meets a handsome boy who could change her life - or perhaps get her exiled from the whole family.

Everyone Else Burns begins Monday 23rd January at 10pm on Channel 4.


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