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Eurovision 2023: Handover and Allocation Draw | Preview (BBC Two)

2023 is the year of the Eurovision Song Contest in the United Kingdom and the BBC kicks things off this month with the first event in the season. Presenters Rylan and AJ Odudu welcome viewers to the Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Handover and Allocation Draw.

Taking place in host city Liverpool and in front of an invited, live audience, this exciting event will determine which country will compete in which Semi-Final of the Contest when it takes place in May as well as deciding which Semi-Final the ‘Big 5’ (Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy) and 2022 winners Ukraine will vote in.

AJ and Rylan will conduct the live draw assisted by young people from a local Liverpool school and members of the Ukrainian community who have settled in Liverpool since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Scott Mills will give viewers an insight into what to expect from the Semi-Finals with a look back at the most memorable moments and the global mega hits from the past few years of the Contest; famous faces of Liverpool will ‘welcome’ the world to Eurovision and the 2023 Contest’s unique look and slogan will be unveiled.

The programme will also see the Mayor of 2022 Host City Turin, Stefano Lo Russo hand over the official keys of the Eurovision Song Contest, known as the Insignia, to the Mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Handover and Allocation Draw airs Tuesday 31st January on BBC Two.


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