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Eurovision Calling: Jason And Chelcee’s Ultimate Guide | Preview (BBC One)

In Eurovision Calling: Jason and Chelcee’s Ultimate Guide, comedian Jason Manford and singer-songwriter Chelcee Grimes explore how the Eurovision Song Contest became the world’s largest live music event with an audience on a par with the American Superbowl, creating global superstars and leaving an impact on the lives of millions.

Jason meets the UK’s last winner Katrina Leskanich from Katrina and the Waves, who won in 1997, Sam Ryder who came second in 2022’s contest and Mae Muller who is representing the UK in Liverpool this year, to try and understand what makes a Eurovision hit.

Meanwhile Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Chelcee provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of preparations in Liverpool, as well as revealing some little-known facts about the event itself. Did you know that Abba only decided to sing in English on the night of the final in 1974? And Chelcee travels to Sweden to find out just how popular the Contest is there.

Jason also meets three generations of one family from Newcastle who tell him just what the contest means to them and a group of LGBTQ+ fans from Manchester talk about the incredible impact the contest has had on them.

Eurovision Calling: Jason and Chelcee’s Ultimate Guide is a Little Gem production for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, airs Monday 8th May.


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