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Eurovision: Semi-Final 2 | Preview (BBC One)

The second Semi-Final will be broadcast live on Thursday 11 May 2023 at 8pm (BST) on BBC One and BBC iPlayer and will open with a recap of the events of the first Semi-Final, before audiences are treated to an impassioned spoken word piece which powerfully takes everyone through the history of the song contest.

The interval will include a performance titled Music Unites Generations, exploring the connection between generations of Ukrainians and the music they love. Mariya Yaremchuk, who represented Ukraine in Eurovision 2014, will lead a contemporary montage of some of the most well-known pieces of music from the country.

As the performance travels through time, the piece ends with a stunning collaborative performance from rapper OTOY, 14-year-old Ukrainian Junior Eurovision representative Zlata Dziunka, and Mariya. Together, they show that for generations of Ukrainians, music is the light that overcomes darkness.

Also in the interval, a performance called Be Who You Wanna Be celebrates how Eurovision is a place for everyone – no matter who you are. Three extraordinary drag performers lead into a jaw-dropping routine of high-end pop performances along with a troupe of eclectic dancers.

They represent the huge spectrum of fans – regardless of age, nationality, or background – who revel in being a part of Eurovision every year. With a medley of fabulous songs and incredible staging, it will prove to be a performance that everyone remembers.

The remaining 16 countries taking to the stage in the hope of securing a place in Saturday’s Grand Final will be: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, San Marino and Slovenia.

The show will also see Timur and Graham Norton, who have nearly 30 years of Eurovision commentating experience between them, check in with the hosts live and discuss the building excitement of Saturday’s Grand Final.

During the show, UK audiences will be able to vote for who they want to see go through to the Grand Final.


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