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Escape To The Chateau | Series 9 Preview (Channel 4)

Escape to the Chateau returns for more heart-warming family adventures, innovative renovations and spectacular celebrations.

After two years of closure, the chateau is open for business and making up for lost time - hosting weddings, events and a Christmas extravaganza! It's truly 'The Year of the Celebration'.

But before the celebrations can begin, there are some pretty sizeable jobs to finish; from the walled garden to the 'extension' that Angel has joked about for years. And the Strawbridges also look back at their home, as they reflect on their journey and thank all those who have helped them along the way by throwing the chateau's biggest party yet!

In this first episode, Dick and Angel prepare to open their home for wedding season after two years of closure. But before any of the guests arrive, there's a lot to do around the chateau.

Work continues on giving the 150-year-old exterior walls a new, 21st-century coat, while Dick and Angel have a job to do in the room that was once the chateau's cider and vinegar store. Angel has plans to bring the room back to life by turning it into a dedicated wedding workshop.

The 'Atelier de Mariage' will be a practical and creative space, a place for Angel to turn her and her couples' imaginative floral ideas into a glorious reality. A visit to the chateau's very own 'reclamation yard' reveals hidden treasure ripe for repurposing, including a barrel from the original store.

While Dick and his builder mate Steve set to work on the damp proofing and plumbing, Angel creates a unique workbench by decoupaging paper napkins onto tiles. Upstairs, the time has come to dismantle Arthur's beloved box fort in time for wedding season, and as preparations pick up pace, Dick is problem solving in all of the chateau's guest suites.

With the chateau ready to welcome its first guests, Dick, Angel, Arthur and Dorothy enjoy some family time in the kitchen, eating homemade sushi and pickled magnolia petals picked from the chateau grounds.

Escape To The Chateau returns Sunday 30th October at 8pm on Channel 4.


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