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Inside The Care Crisis with Ed Balls | Preview (BBC Two)

Ed sets off to find out what life is really like on the front line for those who work in elderly social care and the people they serve.

Ed goes to live and work in St Cecilia’s in Scarborough, a typical family-run mid-sized business.

For many years, Ed's mother has had dementia, and for the last three has been in a care home. He also feels guilty that when he was in government, he failed to tackle the care sector crisis.

His exploration is timely. After a decade where £8 billion cuts have been made to care spending, the pandemic dealt a blow which left the sector on its knees.

With the government promising to raise money for health and social care through a National Insurance rise, Ed wants to find out from the people on the ground what the biggest issues are.

Inside The Care Crisis with Ed Balls begins Monday 8th November on BBC Two.


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