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Eat Well For Less? | Series 8 Preview (BBC One)

Chris Bavin has a new partner by his side - dancer, radio presenter and busy father of two, Jordan Banjo. They head to Scotland to meet Karen and taxi driver Andy, who live near Glasgow and are parents to five-year-old triplets Alyssia, Poppy and Caleb.

Two years ago, they were given the devastating news that Caleb had an aggressive brain tumour. Caleb spent a year in chemotherapy, and at the end of 2019 his first treatment was complete. Then Covid-19 hit, and in the middle of the pandemic, Caleb relapsed. Karen and Andy were initially told that nothing could be done, but now Caleb is now trialling a new chemotherapy drug, which he takes twice a day.

With so much going on with Caleb and the frequent hospital visits, it’s understandable that cooking and eating routines have fallen by the wayside. Karen and Andy shop with the intention of cooking meals, but then life takes over, and they reach for anything that is quick and convenient.

Relying on ready meals and quick fixes means lots of the food that Karen planned to cook ends up in the bin. She also worries a lot about the safety of food, which leads to more food waste. Karen is also on a mission to get fit so that she can do charity runs, and is training most days. She has started buying pricey protein products, but these come with a hefty price tag.

Meanwhile, Andy is filling up on fizzy drinks, sometimes getting through three litres a day. Having been hit hard by the pandemic, Karen and Andy urgently need to rein in their spending. Can Chris and Jordan get them back on track and saving some much-needed cash?

In our Eat Well kitchen, Chris and Jordan look at the difference between use by and best before dates, Chris gets Jordan to join him in a taste test like no other, and Jordan shows Chris how to make a simple sweet treat that uses up what so many of us throw out.

Eat Well For Less? returns Thursday 19th May at 8pm on BBC One.

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