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Dynamo Is Dead | Preview (Sky Max)

World renowned magician Dynamo is set to be killed by his creator as the finale to a jaw-dropping two-hour special: Dynamo is Dead on December 14th.

Broadcast LIVE on Sky Max and streaming service NOW, the feature length show will see Dynamo defy the odds and go beyond magic - burying himself alive.

From walking on water to levitating above skyscrapers, Dynamo has become famous around the world for doing the impossible. And now the nation’s most admired magician is back with a brand-new and not-to-be-missed special, performed live on air.

Viewers will be left on the edge of their seats as they buckle up and prepare to watch Dynamo put his life on the line. Dynamo will dig his own grave in preparation for his perilous and climactic feat six feet under, which will culminate in him laying Dynamo rest.

Dynamo is Dead will see the magician go on a journey of both loss and hope. In the darkness, Dynamo hit rock bottom after challenging battles with his mental health and the loss of his identity. But then in the light, he found strength in sharing his climb to recovery, and rebirth as he moves to into the next phase of his life and career.

Viewers will follow Dynamo’s journey told through recent powerful conversations with standout icons including Tyson Fury, Demi Lovato, Coldplay, Cara Delevingne and Steven Bartlett.

Each moment with the star-studded line-up takes both Dynamo and viewers one step closer to discovering his freedom, breaking the illusions we hide behind as the icons uncover magic within themselves, before the grand finale.

Dynamo is Dead will air live at 9pm on Sky Max and streaming service NOW on 14 December in the UK.


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