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Dream Car Fixers | Preview (Yesterday)

Life-long friends Sheldon Nichols and Peter Harriott have been working on classic cars since they were teenagers. Together they use their combined 80 years of experience in the motor trade, to find and repair classic cars to their client’s brief and budget.

Whether it’s a classic MGB Roadster, an iconic VW Beetle, or an racy Alfa Romeo Spider, Sheldon and Peter are ready to take on the challenge in this brand new series produced by Wiser Films.

Mechanic Sheldon does the deals and sorts the oily bits. Bodywork expert Peter makes sure the cars look as good as they should for their buyers. Get it right and they stand to make some money, get it wrong and they might lose everything.

But what they want to do most of all is put smiles on the faces of their clients.

Starts Tuesday 5th March, 8pm on Yesterday.


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