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The Dog House At Christmas | Preview (Channel 4)

A dog isn't just for Christmas but that doesn't mean that the staff at Wood Green, The Animals Charity have stopped trying to find the pooches their perfect homes.

In between the matchmaking, there's plenty of time for doggy Christmas jumpers and unwrapping tasty presents as our four-legged friends get spoiled rotten. Michael the lurcher has never had a family of his own and is hoping to spend his first ever Christmas in his forever home.

He's matched with Nhung and her two (very excited) children, so he'll need to use all of his doggy senses in the pen to make friends with everyone. Meanwhile, Bentley the portly pug is introduced to widower Ramesh.

At first, sparks don't fly but things start to look up when they discover a mutual love of Christmas treats. And Clarence the one-eyed dachshund has to overcome his shyness when he meets nurse Holly and boyfriend Dom.

After a rocky start he agrees to some cuddles but will it be enough to go home in time for Christmas?

The Dog House At Christmas airs Thursday 16th December at 8pm on Channel 4.


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