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DNA Journey | Joel & Tom Preview (ITV)

Old friends and now hugely successful comedians, Joel Dommett and Tom Allen are delving into their family history, as they embark on a road-trip around the UK.

Through detailed genealogy and cutting-edge DNA, they’ll learn of jaw dropping long lost cousins and heroic family histories. From London to Edinburgh to Ireland, this trip reveals what makes the pair the way they are.

Joel has always felt rootless and is desperate to belong somewhere, whilst after losing his beloved father, Tom hopes learning about his past will cement his dad’s presence. This duo’s journey is full of emotion, a deep genuine friendship and of course, many laughs.

Joel learns of an ancestor who not once, but twice, produced inventions that saved thousands, if not tens of thousands of lives – and it could be said helped end the First World War. Heading north, rootless Joel discovers where his DNA says he truly belongs, and it’s a big surprise.

Plummy Tom has always felt like a fish out of water in his south London family – but an Irish ancestor reveals it may be his DNA is to blame.

He discovers the emotional story of his great grandparents, from a criminal past to a successful career on the stage and the tragic turn that meant they had to give up their baby girl, Tom’s beloved grandmother, for adoption. And everyone gets the shock of their lives when it’s revealed Tom is related to true TV Royalty.

Continues Thursday at 9pm on ITV.


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