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DNA Family Secrets | Series 2 Preview (BBC Two)

The growing popularity of genetic testing has created a network of databases that can answer questions previously impossible to know about our families, ancestry and health.  

DNA Family Secrets is now in its second series. This six-part series sees Stacey Dooley returns to meet people across the UK who want to discover a mystery hidden within their genetic code.

Working with one of the UK’s leading geneticists, Professor Turi King, as well as top genealogists, social workers and doctors, they’ll use the advances in DNA technology to help reveal lost ancestry, track down missing relatives and detect debilitating diseases before it’s too late.

Episode one

Stacey is in Liverpool to meet 52 year-old Richard, who is on a life-long mission to discover the identity of his father. With his mum never revealing the truth while she was still alive, Richard has hit a number of dead ends researching on his own. When Professor Turi King and the team test his DNA, they deliver far more than Richard expects - and he’s blown away when finally learning the truth.

Sixty two year-old Janet has spent her life wondering if a rumour is true that she might have a secret sister. When her father returned as a British prisoner of war during World War Two, she had heard that he may have fathered a child while in Austria. She now wants to know if there is a half-sister on the continent looking for her as well...

Glen’s mother never knew where his father was from, only that he wasn’t white. After spending his school years in Oxfordshire feeling like the odd one out, he’s desperate to finally learn his ancestry. Testing his DNA is the only way to finally give him answers.

DNA Family Secrets returns Wednesday 11th May on BBC Two.


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