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Desperate Measures | Preview (Channel 5)

As bank clerk Rowan (Amanda Abbington) prepares for an appraisal at work, her teenage son Finn bumps into an old school friend, Conor, who’s driving an expensive car.

After encouraging Finn to come for a drive, Conor directs him to a dangerous part of town. There, he shocks Finn as he reveals a package of Class A drugs. Finn is left sweating in the car as Conor exchanges the drugs for bundles of cash.

They soon drive off, though Finn wants no part in Conor’s criminal lifestyle, and instructs him to let him out the car. As Conor parks up, his car is surrounded by police cars. Finn escapes, but Conor’s arrested. With the cash seized, Conor’s released and picked up by his gangster boss Kristof.

Rowan and returns home to Finn who admits the mess he’s in. Before Rowan can act, Kristof turns up and demands repayment for the lost cash. Rowan tries to pawn her mother’s ring when the pawn shop is raided by robbers. Running out of options, Rowan tries to flee town with Finn…

Amanda Abbington (Wolfe, Sherlock) plays the lead role of Rowan, with newcomer Jesse Cescatti-McFarlane starring as Rowan’s son Finn. Warren Brown (The Responder, Trigger Point) stars as Rowan's ex-partner Patrick, while Sunetra Sarker (Casualty, Ackley Bridge) stars as Varisha, Rowan's loyal best friend.

Desperate Measures begins Wednesday 22nd February on Channel 5.


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