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Cruising With Susan Calman | Preview (Channel 5)

Susan kicks off her new series by setting sail on a cruise to the sunny Canary Islands aboard the Regal Princess.

This floating palace carries up to 3,600 passengers and boasts numerous bars, restaurants and pools, and even a top-deck glass-bottomed sea walk, perched 128 feet above the waves.

First stop is the island of Gran Canaria, where Susan gets on the water on a very different form of transport: a jet ski. It’s a new experience for Susan, but she takes to it like a duck to water, uncovering her inner James Bond.

Feeling just a little shaken and stirred, she heads to Maspalomas to meet some of Gran Canaria’s world-famous drag queens. Has Susan got what it takes to be part of the carnival?

A new day and it’s a new port as the ship docks in Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife. It’s another first for Susan as she opts to explore the volcanic landscape of Mount Teide on the back of a boom trike, an experience that’s truly out of this world. Back on board, she takes the opportunity to relax in the ship’s onboard spa.

Afterwards, and feeling refreshed, she joins other guests for a trivia quiz. Will Susan and her team of trusty shipmates win? The final destination in the Canaries is Lanzarote. Susan and some of her fellow passengers have booked an excursion to the bottom of the sea — a sea trek where they’re literally walking under the sea.

It’s another first for Calman — thank goodness she has her shipmates by her side. After returning to the ship, Susan rounds off the day and the first leg of this sunshine cruise up on top deck, where she gets the party started with some cocktail flairing — a Calman classic coming right up!

Cruising With Susan Calman begins Friday 1st April at 9pm on Channel 5.


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