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Cruising With Susan Calman | Preview (Channel 5)

Susan Calman kicks off this brand-new series of Cruising with a non-stop, full throttle cruise to Mexico.

She’s on a mission to pack as much fun and laughter as you can squeeze into just four days on the high seas. And her journey starts in the home of entertainment: Hollywood.

Susan has just a few hours before she boards her ship, so there is no time to waste as she takes a whistlestop tour of old Hollywood. And her love of classic movies is hard to miss, as she gets carried away dreaming of becoming a star of the silver screen!

But down the road in Long Beach, California the ship is waiting and so are the 3000 passengers onboard, ready to party like its 2024. At the sailaway party, Susan can’t help but get swept along in the excitement. And she’s also spotted an onboard challenge that could push her out of her comfort zone: two giant water slides.

There’s no time to get her swimming costume on, as the ship pulls into Catalina Island off the coast of California, where a Scavenger Hunt has been organised. Susan teams up with some new cruise friends and attempts to crack the clues, as she and dozens of other passengers compete to win.

Back on board, her competitive streak continues as she takes on some talented (and tall!) Americans in a basketball competition, before taking a stroll through the ship’s corridors to admire some quirky and unique cabin door decorations.

The ship pulls into Ensenada in Mexico and Susan takes an excursion to see a natural wonder, La Bufadora – a blowhole on the coast that sprays water up to 100 meters into the air. Susan and her cruise pals manage to avoid a soaking, before heading off to one of the oldest bars in Mexico, where she tries her first ever Margarita.

When it’s time to depart, Susan pops up onto the bridge just in time to see how they manoeuvre this monster ship out of the port. But, before she heads home, Susan can hear the call of the water slides… is she brave enough to take the plunge?

Cruising With Susan Calman returns Friday 5th January at 9pm on Channel 5.


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