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Crazy Rich Agents: Selling Dream Homes | Preview (BBC Two)

In this new BBC series we meet five newbie real estate brokers, who have risked it all to make it big in the world of luxury real estate. At stake, six figure commission cheques that could make or break them.

They’ve come from all walks of life: a former care home behavioural therapist, an international model, a building society worker, a Dubai estate agent, and a former music producer. Their backgrounds are unique, but they all want to become luxury real estate’s next big thing.

The rookie brokers have been summoned to one of their agency’s most luxurious properties: a £3 million Grade 2 listed castle in County Durham. Featuring 35 rooms, a wine cellar, and their new CEO Eddie Shapiro who has surprised them with an opportunity of a lifetime: the one who performs the best over the summer will get the opportunity to work at the agency’s headquarters in New York.

Broker Aly takes up the challenge and hustles to get a meeting with a multimillionaire developer who he boldly convinces to let him list a £30 million townhouse in Mayfair.

We also meet former care home behavioural therapist Georgie who is given the task of finding a dream home for an influencer couple with a £5 million budget. But with big budgets come long wish lists.

In Milton Keynes, new broker Krish’s parents are coming to terms with their ‘little boy’ going to work in London, but they needn’t have worried. Through some unorthodox methods and persistence Krish lands himself a multimillion-pound listing on London’s Bishop’s Avenue - also known as Billionaire’s Row. It’s going to be an interesting summer for the brokers.

Stream every episode on BBC iPlayer after Episode 1 is broadcast on BBC Two on Sunday 6th August.


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