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The King's Cornation | GB News Preview

GB News have confirmed coverage plans and presenters for next weekend's Coronation of King Charles III.

The day will begin, as it does every day on GB News, with the UK National Anthem. “God Save the King” is broadcast each morning at 0559 on GB News. From 6am, Stephen Dixon and Elle Costello will be live from Buckingham Palace with a special edition of Breakfast.

The main coverage begins at 10am with full coverage of the historic ceremony and celebrations from around the country. The programme will be fronted by Alastair Stewart, with Nigel Farage and contributions from historian David Starkey.

In the evening, GB News will continue with its normal Saturday schedule with Neil Oliver Live at 6pm, Calvin Robinson's Common Sense Crusade at 7pm, The Saturday Five at 8pm, followed by Mark Dolan tonight at 9pm.

Alastair recently retired from regular weekly broadcasting on the channel. At the time, he said: "I’m nearly 71 and I still get the most tremendous lift from live television – it’s the best job in the world. However, the rigours of preparing for two live interview shows a week, and commuting from Hampshire to London for them, are considerable...

"I want to reduce my commitment while I’m still ahead as an old broadcaster, rather than an ancient one. Thankfully the timing is mine; I just want to spend more of it with my family, my horses, and the charities that have meant so much to me over the years."

"It’s been a privilege to complete my regular broadcasting career with a sparky start-up like GB News that’s challenging the traditional moulds I’ve known for so long. It’s kept me on my toes, taught me new tricks, but above all GB News has liberated me...

"I’ve had the freedom to cover the stories I’m passionate about, interview the people I want, and to offer my perspective more freely than I’ve been allowed to in the past.

“I’m grateful to everyone at GB News, but also to all the fabulous colleagues I’ve known throughout these many years. Quite simply, I couldn’t have done any of it without them."

GB News is available on Sky channel 512.


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