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Great Cookbook Challenge With Jamie Oliver | Preview (Channel 4)

The Great Cookbook Challenge is a cooking competition like no other.

Jamie Oliver teams up with one of the biggest publishers in the UK on an unprecedented nationwide search to find the next best-selling cookbook author, all rolled up into one delicious publishing deal that could change their life forever.

Penguin Michael Joseph draw on the might of their publishing experience to discover untapped new talent, while Jamie Oliver and his creative team mentor the aspiring cooks through the competition at Jamie's HQ in north London.

From hundreds of applicants, 18 cooks of all abilities representing a huge diversity of cuisines and cooking styles have their recipes and book concepts scrutinised, as they take on challenges inspired by the real-life publishing process and compete to convince the judges that their food and cookbook deserve to win.

From meals that can be mopped up with bread, to nose-to-tail recipes and a love letter to Austrian food, our judges - Evening Standard restaurant critic and food writer Jimi Famurewa, award-winning recipe writer and author Georgina Hayden, and head judge Louise Moore, managing director of Penguin Michael Joseph - whittle down the contestants week by week.

Kicking off the series, the first six cooks nervously await their turn to prepare a dish that best explains the concept and appeal of their potential book idea. From home cooks and professional chefs, to Instagrammers and those who just love cooking for their family and friends, we hear about the book ideas closest to their hearts.

The Great Cookbook Challenge begins Monday 31st January at 8pm on Channel 4.

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