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Colin & Justin’s Hotel Nightmare | Preview (Channel 5)

TV presenters Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan are well known for telling us how to decorate our homes.

They moved to Toronto in Canada in 2008 and built a TV career there, but during the pandemic, decided to take on the biggest gamble of their lives. They bought a million-dollar, five-acre hotel, just off the main tourist trail in Nova Scotia, on the remote Atlantic coast of Canada.

In the first episode of this new series, they leave their city life in Toronto for the wilds of the eastern seaboard to follow Justin’s dream of becoming hoteliers for the first time. Their first project is to design and transform one of the guest suites so that they can set up a website to obtain bookings.

They also start work on the separate restaurant building, which is a corrugated shed. They have big plans to install floor-to-ceiling windows at the front and overhaul the inside.

But they face huge problems getting supplies to this part of the world and, as winter closes in, a storm floods the hotel. They also have to get to know the locals with their different ways of working and socialising, including going to their first ‘kitchen party’.

Faced with mounting bills, power cuts and delays, Colin questions the wisdom of their decision and their relationship is severely tested, but can love conquer all?

Begins Sunday 18th September on Channel 5.


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