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Cold Case Forensics | Preview (ITV1)

Cold Case Forensics unlocks the secrets which finally solved Britain’s most controversial murder cases.

The three-part series delves into the world of leading forensic scientist Dr Angela Gallop and her team, as they unpick clues that no one had unearthed before. The horrifying deaths of Lynette White, Rachel Nickell and Stephen Lawrence have all been expertly cracked by Dr Angela and her team.

The 1988 murder of Lynette White in Cardiff had resulted in one of Britain’s worst miscarriages of justice and by 1999 it remained unsolved. But how did Angela and her team find the forensic clues to catch the killer?

Rachel Nickell had been found dead on Wimbledon Common in 1992, shocking the entire nation to its core. How did a new DNA breakthrough and evidence on Rachel’s son catch the killer?

The racist, cold blooded, murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993 in London remained unsolved for more than a decade. The twists and turns of one of the most infamous killings in history was uncovered by Dr Angela, as she finally proved who took young Stephen’s life.

Cold Case Forensics begins Thursday 2nd February on ITV1.


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