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Code Blue: The Killing Of June Fox-Roberts | Preview (ITV1)

This two-part ITV documentary goes inside the major investigation into the brutal killing and dismemberment of grandmother June Fox-Roberts.

With exclusive access to the South Wales Police Major Crime team, the documentary starts with a 999 call from her distraught daughter and follows the case as officers relentlessly hunt her killer. From the chilling initial call to the final court hearing, the documentary series takes us behind the scenes of one of South Wales Police's most shocking cases.

In the first episode, Det Insp Lianne Rees, the on-call senior investigating officer,, says on the way to the scene: "The circumstances sound quite horrific. And in all honesty, I don't think I've ever had a call like this before."

It appears to be a random but extremely violent crime - the 65-year-old's body has been dismembered - so South Wales Police need to catch the killer as quickly as possible. The film features a first-hand account from June's daughter Abi as she recalls the horrific scene she discovered when she found her mother's body. She says: "I walked into the house, and that's when our lives changed. I'll never get those images out of my head."

At the scene, officers find evidence pointing to someone unknown being in the house. Supt Richard Jones says: "The footprints around the scene appear really big. I'm not sure how relevant they are. Size 11 or 12, by the look of it. There's some very fresh hair dye in the bathroom sink upstairs."

With this news, the team has an idea of what type of person they might be searching for. They try to identify the killer through CCTV footage taken in the hours around June's death, before a later 999 call gives them their first real breakthrough. Det Sgt Lauren Wells says: "We had a phone call from a member of the public who worked in a tyre yard, and it backs on to the perimeter, really of June's estate. And he reported that he disturbed a man in one of the containers."

But ‘Container Man’ left his hideout after being challenged by staff at the site - and now he has disappeared. Det Chief Insp Matt Powell says: "We didn't know who Container Man was. We didn't know if the killer was going to strike again. So it was really important to quickly identify who they were to prevent them causing any further harm to themselves or anyone else within that community."

Code Blue: The Killing of June Fox-Roberts begins Thursday 03rd August on ITV1.


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