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The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk | Series 2 Preview (BBC Two)

Multiple Bafta and Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominee Spencer Jones (Mister Winner, Upstart Crow) returns as his alter ego, Herbert Clunkerdunk.

In series two everything’s bigger, weirder and dafter, and Herbert’s still no closer to getting his work, family or his imagination under control.

Every miniscule flight of fancy that dances through Herbert’s brain can - and does - lead to inanimate objects coming to life, music videos springing out of nowhere, and a doorstop from Memphis called Mr Twanger.

Herbert’s (Spencer Jones) got an audition that could redefine him, but first he and his wife Bobby Kindle (Lucy Pearman) have to get ready for his daughter Woman Child’s birthday party.

There’s lots to do: suck up everything in the house with an over-powerful vacuum cleaner, be the star of his own tacky 80s sitcom and take a quick trip 1.6 million years into the future to visit an archaeologist (Jordan Gray).

The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk returns Wednesday 26th January at 10pm on BBC Two.


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