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The Great Climate Fight | Preview (Channel 4)

Get ready to join forces with three Channel 4 faces, as they take on the most pressing issue of our time: how to stop climate change.

With their combined, deep expertise, Kevin McCloud, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and Mary Portas will front a powerful three-part series aiming to kickstart real change, by identifying the practical steps that governments and big business can take to eliminate our carbon emissions.

The series will explore how Britain can truly move to a carbon-free way of life, and set out a vision of a future UK that is greener, happier and healthier – powered by abundant, cheaper sustainable energy.

Guided by some of the most respected climate experts in the world, they will highlight the areas where they think the government needs to do more, campaigning for tangible improvements in key areas like energy and housing. They will put pressure on those in power, and join forces with other celebrities to create eye-catching stunts to draw attention to their cause.

Kevin McCloud said: "I am armoured and ready for The Big Climate Fight and excited to be part of it. Time is running out to halt climate change and rethinking the way our homes are built, heated and refurbished in this country is a win-win: good for the planet, and good for the people who live in them and have to pay the bills."

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall said: “It’s increasingly obvious that we need to make our world a better, cleaner place in which to live, and our changing climate is at the heart of that challenge. So I am excited to team up with Kevin and Mary to explore how to tackle climate break down...

"It’s clear the world already has many of the solutions – but we need our politicians to show the leadership and courage to implement them. So the three of us will be calling on the UK government to take the decisive actions that will put us on the right road to a stable climate and a better future."

Mary Portas said: "For me, The Big Climate Fight is about hope. It's about acknowledging the challenges we face and coming together, businesses included, to find solutions. I am excited to be part of a series that has the potential to spark a movement for change, and I am confident that together, we can build a brighter, more sustainable future."

Alf Lawrie, Head of Factual Entertainment at Channel 4, said: “Viewers know climate change is happening, and they are scared about it. What they don’t know, is how to stop it. This series – and our upcoming season of films - is designed to start plugging that knowledge gap.”

Will Anderson, Executive Producer for Keo Films said: “We are proud to have Kevin McCloud, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and Mary Portas on board as our expert presenters. Their combined knowledge and expertise make the complex issue of climate change accessible and understandable for all viewers. We hope this series tackles the urgent issue of climate change in a positive and inspiring way.”

The Big Climate Fight is a 3 x 60 begins Tuesday 21st November.


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