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Escape To The Chateau | Series 8 Preview (Channel 4)

Escape to the Chateau returns with an action-packed series full of family adventures, awe-inspiring renovation projects, big reveals, and a magical Christmas special.

With weddings and events on hold for the second year, Dick and Angel bite the bullet and make the big decision to tackle the exterior of the Chateau.

The roof and outside walls are their biggest project to date and the Chateau quickly becomes a building site! Despite the havoc, the Chateau reveals more of its secrets while Dick and Angel continue to find ingenious ways of bringing new rooms back to life and creating a home full of happy memories.

It's winter and a snow shower has turned the Chateau into an icy palace - with a load of gardening jobs attached! Despite Dick and Angel's never-ending to-do list, there's still time for the Strawbridge family to make snow angels, challenge each other to a snowball fight and collect the very first super-sized goose eggs of the season.

The renovation of Dick and Angel's fairytale home continues with attention turning to the original coach house, which is now home to Angel's parents Jenni and Steve. There are big plans to turn the upstairs into a luxurious bedroom suite but with only two small windows and a low ceiling, they can't wait to transform the 150-year-old granary store into the ultimate sanctuary with the perfect balance of light and space.

It's not long before Dick's knee-deep installing sun tubes to create natural light and engineering a steam room, while Angel's bespoke wallpaper and a hug on a pillow made by Arthur and Dorothy bring the personal touch. As the ice melts and spring returns, Jenni and Papi Steve are blown away by the transformation.

Escape To The Chateau returns Sunday 24th October at 8pm on Channel 4.

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