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Charles: Our New King | Preview (Channel 4)

Charles: Our New King is a two-part documentary that shines a light on the new British monarch. Most of us have only ever known a world where Elizabeth II is Queen.

For many, the monarchy was the Queen. But now her long reign has come to an end and her son, Charles, has become King Charles III. Charles is the oldest monarch ever to accede to the British throne and is now the head of the most famous family in the world.

But who is the man who was born to be king? What kind of king will he be? And will he ever command the same affection and respect as his mother? Told with an extensive collection of rare royal archive and revelatory interviews from those who know him well, Charles: Our New King explores pivotal moments in his life.

How did Charles' early life shape the man who is now king? Born in 1948, he became heir to the throne at just three years old. This episode explores how an often-absent mother and tough-loving father would shape Charles and how the sensitive boy became a visionary and charitable man.

The documentary hears it was Charles' sense of duty that led him to marry Diana Spencer. The breakdown of the marriage and affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles led to a plunge in popularity, as the media pored over his love life in lurid detail.

How has a life in the harsh media spotlight shaped the new king and how did Charles' actions nearly bring the entire institution to its knees?

Begins Saturday 29th October on Channel 4.


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