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Celebrity Trash Monsters | Preview (Channel 4)

Ahead of the COP26 climate change summit, comedian and climate change warrior Jon Richardson sets three celebrities a daring challenge - they must wear their own trash! Jon wants to make the celebs question the amount of waste they produce and cut down on their carbon footprint.

Footballing legend John Barnes, model Jodie Kidd, and Kerry Katona have bins full to overflowing every week. They admit that they're clueless about the impact their waste has on climate change.

For two weeks, Jon's hot and uncomfortable experiment requires that the celebs live their normal lives, both at home and at work, while wearing specially designed trash suits, which expand every day as more rubbish is added. From school runs and weekly shops, to public engagements and work commitments, the celebrities truly get to feel the weight of every bit of rubbish their family consumes and throws away.

Each celeb has a particular area for improvement. John Barnes' love of ready meals and single-use plastic is a sight to behold. Jodie Kidd's family's meat consumption needs urgent attention. And Kerry Katona's ?family's enthusiasm for daily take-aways, which generate bags full of waste each week, is alarming.

Jon asks them to set new household rules for their family to live by. The question is, will everyone play ball? Jon measures the celebrities' carbon footprint at the start of the experiment and again at the end to see how much they've improved.

The celebrity who manages to slash their household's C02 emissions the most wins.

Celebrity Trash Monsters airs Sunday 17th October at 9pm on Channel 4.

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