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Celebrity Save Our Sperm | Preview (Channel 4)

Comedian Russell Kane, BBC Radio 1's Melvin Odoom and Made in Chelsea's Ollie Locke unite in a ballsy attempt to increase their sperm count in just 10 weeks.

As male fertility rates plummet by half, can they make the lifestyle changes scientists believe could save men's swimmers? Will the celebrities rise to the challenge and prove there's still time to save our sperm and prevent spermageddon?

Channel 4's Clemency Green said: "Male fertility is such an important subject that is rarely discussed and I’m full of admiration for Ollie, Melvin and Russell who are helping us break taboos by opening up the conversation and putting their own fertility under the microscope."

Crackit's Elaine Hackett said: "Often we think fertility issues revolve around women, but male sperm count is falling at an alarming rate. Ollie, Russell and Melvin have got balls to take part in this one-off event as – alongside the good science – it’s deliberately designed to be surprising to put saving sperm in the spotlight."

Celebrity Save Our Sperm airs Thursday 13th July at 10pm on Channel 4.


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