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Cause Of Death | Series 2 Preview (Channel 5)

If you die in unexplained circumstances, your family need to know answers...

Solving the mystery of how people came to pass away for the sake of their loved ones is the job of the Coroner’s office, and the medical expertise and investigative processes he employs must reveal the cause of death.

After a critically acclaimed first series, Senior Coroner Dr James Adeley returns with his teams at Royal Preston and Royal Blackburn Hospitals as they try and investigate some of the 4000 unexplained and suspicious deaths in Lancashire every year.

With extraordinary and moving access to the families, Lancashire Police, the mortuary and hospital staff, we go behind the scenes in Dr Adeley’s investigations as they establish the Cause of Death.

Eleanor, a popular older lady, usually full of fun, is physically attacked in a care home. A few weeks later she falls, and dies. Dr Adeley and his team including Lancashire police must piece together the puzzle to establish a Cause of Death.

A worried neighbour calls police when a man is found dead in his home. There are no clues to what happened. The investigation must determine how he has died - but there’s no next of kin and Coroner’s officers must track them down to solve the riddle of his untimely death.

Cause Of Death returns Wednesday 8th November on Channel 5.


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