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Cash in the Attic | Preview (Channel 5)

Chris Kamara and expert appraiser Paul Hayes are in Leamington Spa treasure hunting with Ian and his stepson Bradley.

Ian is a retired civil servant and Bradley, who has autism, works at a gardening company. This stepfather and son duo bonded over their shared love of trains when Ian started dating Bradley’s mum Amanda.

The family live in Ian’s late parents’ house, which they’ve been renovating for the last couple of years. The renovations are complete, but there’s still a lot of work to be done, including sorting out all the things Ian inherited from his mum and dad.

There’s no shortage of stuff for Kammy and appraiser Paul Hayes to rummage through, but are there any valuables to be found? Bradley is hoping to raise money for a long awaited trip to Tenerife after his mum and Ian got married in 2020, so there’s a honeymoon at stake.

Cash In The Attic begins Monday 1st August at 6pm on Channel 5. Continues weekdays.


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