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Johnny Vegas: Carry On Glamping | Series 2 Preview (Channel 4)

Last series, Johnny Vegas opened a glamping site. Nestled in the North Yorkshire countryside, the site featured a collection of vintage vehicles, including an old Maltese bus lovingly restored and named after Johnny’s late mum, Patricia.

This new six-part series follows Johnny and his long-suffering assistant Bev as they set about developing the business.

After two years of hard work and having overcome a series of setbacks, including a ferry fire and a devastating crash damaging Patricia - not to mention a pandemic - the Yorkshire glampsite finally opened in 2021 and became a roaring success with bookings aplenty.

Unfortunately, planning restrictions mean expansion of the site isn’t possible and so Johnny and Bev are once again trying to find themselves a new home for the eclectic collection of repurposed vehicles owned by Johnny and fellow enthusiasts Claire and Jim.

Not that this new problem has stopped Johnny buying up more vehicles in desperate need of rescuing, including - to Bev’s horror - an old helicopter.

Now they not only need a new home for their expanding collection of vehicles, but Johnny wants this new site to be able to host events, comedy festivals, music gigs and weddings for vintage-loving couples. And Johnny’s hoping to finally get ordained online and officiate the odd wedding himself, of course!

This project will push Johnny and, more importantly, Bev to their very limits. Series begins Wednesday 24th January at 9pm on Channel 4.


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