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Susan Calman’s Christmas Cruising | Preview (Channel 5)

Susan’s trip begins in a chilly Dover, where she boards her Christmas cruise to the southern Norwegian city of Stavanger.

On board, it’s Christmas cheer all the way as Susan meets her shipmates. On shore, a Yule Viking welcome awaits, and it’s off to Stavanger’s magical ‘Colour Street’, where Christmas feels like every day, and there’s a serenade by a festive barber’s shop quartet.

Then, with her cruising friends, it’s off to Ålesund, full of amazing architecture, before the ship navigates the stunning Lofoten Islands, where Susan brews some Christmas beer and has a traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner. As the ship crosses the Arctic Circle, expect temperatures to plummet.

And then, following in Santa’s footsteps, Susan joins her fellow passengers for reindeer sledding and experiences the delights of a local Sámi Christmas, with stunning views of the fjords.

Susan Calman's Christmas Cruising airs on Channel 5.


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