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Calamity James | Preview (BBC Three)

Calamity James is a slapstick comedy about a young man, James, who is cursed with ‘acute misfortune syndrome’.

James tries to reconnect with his dad after being thrown out by his mum for setting fire to their house at a family barbeque. In this world, chronic bad luck exists and the unbelievable is the everyday. Starring Mark Bonnar and Dylan Blore.

Louis Paxton says: “Calamity James has been a wonderful opportunity for me. Together with some of Scotland’s best cast and crew, we’ve made an ambitious, heartfelt, and befittingly disastrous short film of which I am immensely proud.”

Calamity James is based on the Beano comic strip of the same name. Written and created by Louis Paxton. The producer is Laura Taylor. The executive producers are Mark Talbot and Charlie Coombes.

Calamity James is a Emanata Studios production for BBC iPlayer, BBC Scotland and BBC Three. Commissioned for the BBC by Gavin Smith and Navi Lamba.


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