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TV's 30 Most Complained About Moments | Preview (Channel 5)

If you’ve ever wondered which TV programmes attract the most complaints, then wonder no more.

This documentary charts the most complained-about programmes in British TV history – as well as a few surprises that don’t make the Top 30 list. From talent contests to reality shows, soap operas and even the news, this programme sets out to explore why viewers complain in huge numbers when they’re offended, upset or just irritated by something they see on TV.

There are famous incidents that caused tabloid outrage, as well as some lesser-known moments which led to a flood of complaints. Featuring interviews with actors, broadcasters, news presenters, reality show contestants and TV critics, this programme explores a fascinating but rarely discussed subject.

Narrated by Hermione Norris, the programme airs on Sunday 9th April at 10:30pm on Channel 5.

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