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Undercover Doctor: Secrets Of The Big Shop | Preview (Channel 4)

Professor Michael Mosley is to front new Channel 4 series The Secrets Of The Big Shop, produced by Plum Pictures and commissioned by Channel 4's Jo Street and Clemency Green.

Each episode of The Secrets Of The Big Shop will see Mosley, who has fronted other Channel 4 series such as Lose A Stone In 21 Days and Who Made Britain Fat?, exploring common health concerns affecting the public.

The presenter will help families across the UK to make simple changes to their eating habits. In each episode we'll meet a family "suffering a litany of health issues". These include headaches, high blood pressure, low libido, acne and joint problems.

Mosley will be joined by a team of experts to track and follow each family's eating habits and food consumption. The team will then offer the families insights into their food shopping and show them alternatives to improve their mental and physical health.

Begins Monday 8th January.

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