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British As Folk | Preview (Dave)

Fern Brady, Darren Harriott and Ivo Graham will travel across the nation discovering and interrogating the stereotypes and traditions that make up British life today and, in the process, create their very own 'brutally honest' guide to the UK.

Fern Brady said: "As stand ups who travel the length and breadth of the country we generally have a clearer picture of what various towns and regions in the UK are like than the average person. That's why it was so cool to host this show with Darren and Ivo as we represent a good cross section of different regions of the UK as well as all being from totally different class backgrounds...

"Even though I knew the premise of the show was looking at British identity and stereotyped towns the production team have really surprised us at every location so far with the activities we're doing."

Darren Harriott said: "I'm delighted to be co-hosting a travelogue on Dave with Fern and Ivo. Getting out of the flat is a massive bonus, never mind Glencoe, Cornwall, Yorkshire and the Welsh Valleys! And big thanks to Dave for all the food on the way, but please remember the camera puts on at least 20 pounds, nothing to do with Cornish cream, Welsh rarebit, Scotch Whisky and Yorkshire puds - I hope I'm not getting paid in food?"

Ivo Graham said: "Travelling around the country with Fern and Darren has been a delight, although as the designated driver of our hired Nissan Elgrand, I have found that their constant stream of unbroadcastable comedy gossip makes it quite difficult to concentrate on the road."

British As Folk begins Monday 13th September at 10pm on Dave.


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